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Welcome to the Dark Star Rising Campaign

This campaign has some unique features and will not follow a standard D&D view of the multiverse. In addition, many of the races and monsters of the D&D setting will operate differently or may not be present at all. The information below should get you up to speed on some basic information about the setting, a realm called Oerth as well as information useful for creating your character.

Please pay attention to the campaign setting when thinking about your character’s background. In addition to the standard character creation material, I would like you to add two additional elements to your character that you will not immediately share with the other players:

  1. A secret about your character that they would rather not share with other people
  2. An enemy that your character has made. This enemy may or may not be connected to the secret above

You may use the variant human rules in the PHB if you like.

A Player’s History of Oerth
Playable Races
States and Nations
Magic on Oerth
Gods of Oerth
The Discipline (Information for Monks)

Dark Star Rising

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